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Why you need a VPN on your Router

A VPN is the primary point of defense for your privacy when you’re online. Without a VPN, all your data is literally an open book that anyone who intercepts your internet traffic can read.

Network-wide protection

The major benefit of having a VPN installed on your Router is that all the devices on your network, your TV, smart devices, CCTV, phone, tablet etc. are all protected by the VPN. This is critical as there are plenty of smart devices in our homes that can't run VPN software and hence can't be configured to use a VPN. By routing all these devices through the VPN from the router your ISP, Law Enforcement or anyone else on the Internet won't be able to see the traffic these devices generate and it will help protect your smart devices from being hacked which is often overlooked.

Running a VPN on your router also gets around device restrictions from VPN companies. Most VPN companies allow you to connect up to five devices to a VPN at the same time and some will charge you extra to add more devices. When your router is running a VPN it will protect all of your connected devices and everything on the network counts as only one device. This leaves you with the flexibility on using the other connections to your VPN on your mobile devices when you are not at home.

What does a VPN stand for and how will it secure my connection?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is an encrypted tunnel between your device to the target destination. Every time you access the Internet you are exposing your connection to possible data interception; account login's, passwords, emails, Facebook posts, uploads of photos etc... your ISP's can see every website which is related to you WAN IP address which is also transmitted. Using a VPN secures your data in an encrypted tunnel so no-one can spy on your internet activity.

Using IP Cloaking free's you from geographical restrictions and stops your ISP blocking content and various websites based on geographical location. Have you ever visited the USA and tried to watch BBC iPlayer? Chances are it’s not been possible because you are outside of the UK. With a VPN you can connect to another server outside the country, so you appear to be connected in a different part of the world. This is a feature popular with ex-pats wanting to watch English TV living abroad.

Illegal IPTV users IP addresses logged by Police and Law Enforcement

Due to changes in the Law, where ISPs are now bound to record and hand over customers usage and IP addresses, Law Enforcement now actively seek users of illegal IPTV services. In partnership with FACT, ISPs and the Police, dozens of warrants are being issued, equipment seized and THOUSANDS of suspected TV pirates are receiving letters from police warning them they are being watched by the authorities. Many IPTV services have now been shut down and some heavy fines and even jail sentences handed out. People who are suspected to be watching TV illegally are receiving police letters warning they could face jail - see the example below.

These letters are targeting those who are suspected of using Mag, Zgemma IPTV and Kodi boxes to stream channels like Sky Sports, with police warning they could be subject to legal action.

Can a VPN actually make your internet faster?

If you have a good Hardware, Network and ISP, due to the overheads of the encryption of a VPN, a VPN will slow down your connection BUT in some cases it will speed up your connection.

How? This is due to the fact that many ISPs practice bandwidth throttling and shaping; this is when your ISP slows your connection, and that of other users connected to their service on the same node as you, as their system has become crowded and they are struggling to provide bandwidth to all the users.

With more and more on-line gamers and TV streaming services, many ISPs can not provide the bandwidth 'advertised' to all the uses at the same time so they monitor the traffic and throttle certain traffic types to allow more bandwidth to their other uses. Companies such as Netflix pay ISPs not to throttle their traffic. This allows customers who stream Netflix to escape the throttling whilst other customers are throttled. This is fast becoming an issue as more and more streaming services become available online.

If you connect via a VPN your ISP can not monitor your traffic as the VPN will not allow them to do so. This means, if you were be throttled by your ISP, they will no longer be able to do so and hence your speed will increase. If your ISP advertises 50mbps and you find you get 25>30mbps at peak times chances are you are being throttled.

How easy is it to install a VPN on a Router?

A search on the Internet pulls back various guides for installing a VPN on a Router and highlights the sense of the challenge you'd face doing it yourself. Installing and setting a VPN up securely is a lot to ask of even a generally knowledgeable person, and new on impossible if you are new to network security. It's the kind of challenge that could easily turn a person off from using a VPN at all. Many of the guides are written by novices and suggest settings that really do leave you no more protected than not having a VPN at all.

What's the easiest way to run a VPN on a Router?

By far the easiest way is to Purchase a Guardian Router. We have various models to suit any budget.

  • Guardian Security App Routers - 30 VPN providers, 1000's of servers all pre-installed, just enter your VPN username and password to connect you VPN. Plug & Play with no configuration required.

  • Express VPN Routers - dedicated to Express VPN users, just enter your Express 'activation code' to connect to any Express VPN server.

  • Mini Plug and Play VPN Routers - Pocket sized VPN routers that pack a punch. Don't be put off by the size these little routers are ideal to take anywhere to provide a VPN connection.

  • ASUS WiFi 6 ASUSWRT VPN Routers - The latest WiFi 6 (802.11ax) is a new WiFi standard that’s fully compatible with all your existing WiFi devices. Ultra-capable WiFi with 4x lower latency, 1.25 faster speeds, 80% longer range and faster VPN speeds. WiFi 6 USB dongles now available in store!

Already have a Router that you want to install a VPN on?

If you already have a good powerful router it may just be a case of updating it with the Guardian Security App to enable connection to your VPN. The Guardian Security App can be installed on many Netgear, Linksys and Asus routers. Once installed you will have access to connect to any of the 30 VPN providers by just entering your VPN username and password. Contact us for more details.


What is the Guardian Security App?

The Guardian Security Router App allows you to connect to your VPN provider at a click of a button - no more complicated configurations or VPN Client edits to change server. Just select your desired server and click connect and this can all be done straight from your phone, tablet, iPad or PC and comes pre-loaded with all the following VPN providers!

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More and more innocent internet uses are becoming the victim of crime and identity theft - Stay safe and protected - Always use VPN.

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