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  • Will a Guardian Router work with my Internet Service Provider (ISP)?
    Yes all Guardian Routers work Worldwide with any ISP.
  • Will a VPN slow my internet connection?
    In most cases your Internet speed will reduce. Speed also varies on VPN provider and VPN server location (the closer the VPN server, the faster it will run)
  • How do I know what is a fast router?
    The key to running a fast VPN is to look at the CPU spec. The CPU has to decrypt the VPN traffic so the faster the CPU the faster the VPN will be. Our budget models have a 800MHZ CPU and although they will run the VPN whilst protecting all of your connected devices they won't run as fast as our top spec routers that have Quad Core 1700MHZ CPUs. We advise you always invest as much as you can afford on getting a router with a fast CPU
  • 'Guardian Security App' Router or 'Express VPN' Router?
    The Guardian Security App routers have 30 VPN providers pre-loaded, including Express VPN. You just select the provider from the list, enter your VPN credentials, select a server location and click connect. You can switch between these providers at any time. There are also many advanced features. Our Express VPN Routers can only be used to connect ExpressVPN. You can also choose which Express server you connect to. It also has other advanced features. If you have an Express VPN account, and don't plan on changing to a different provider, we would advise you purchase an Express VPN Router
  • Do you provide support for your Routers?
    Yes, we have a dedicated Support Portal here: Free registration is required. You will have access to numerous help files, downloads and a team of Support Techs should you require additional help getting your VPN connected. *free registration required
  • Will I get instructions with my Router?
    Yes we provide full colour instructions with all router purchases
  • Can I return my router If I dont like it?
    Yes of course you can. See our Returns Policy here:
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