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What Is A VPN?

Be Smart, Protect ALL Of Your Devices With A Guardian VPN Router

A Guardian VPN Router will protect ALL connected devices, gives you full control over your network and only counts as one connection to your VPN provider

What is a VPN?

Home networks by default are not encrypted or secure! This makes the majority of networks open for infiltration from hackers who are able to intercept your data or introduce a virus or malware onto your network. Internet connections and all activity on can be intercepted and personal or company data can be stolen. With the introduction of GDRP in 2018 this can mean high fines for loss of data by companies as well as negative publicity.

Most large companies have already addressed this vulnerability and have implemented specialised business firewalls and VPN solutions to protect its network and allow it’s employees to work remotely across the Internet.

VPV Router

So, what does a VPN stand for and how will it secure my connection?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is an encrypted tunnel between your device to the target destination. Every time you access the Internet you are exposing your connection to possible data interception; account login's, passwords, emails, Facebook posts, uploads of photos etc... even your ISP's can see every website which is related to you WAN IP address which is also transmitted. Using a VPN secures your data in an encrypted tunnel so no-one can spy on your internet activity.

Using IP Cloaking free's you from geographical restrictions when you are travelling or by your ISP blocking certain websites based on geographical location. Have you ever visited the USA and tried to watch BBC iPlayer? Chances are it’s not been possible because you are outside of the UK. With a VPN you can connect to another server outside the country, so you appear to be connected in a different part of the world. This is a feature popular with ex-pats wanting to watch English TV living abroad.

VPV Router

So, what’s available for the smaller business or home user to secure their Internet connection?

For a while now there have been several trusted VPN providers in the marketplace that offer a subscription service to use their VPN. We recommend Zoog, Surfshark, Nord, Express or CyberGhost.  These are the fastest, most secure VPNs and all fully compatible with our Guardian VPN routers.

What is the fastest VPN when installed on a Router?

Currently Zoog VPN and Surfshark VPN are the fastest. This is because these two providers support the Wireguard VPN protocol on a Router. Nord and Express have their own version of Wireguard but don't release the keys to allow it to be installed on a Router. Express VPN Routers have 'lightway' installed so if you have an Express VPN subscription we advise a Express VPN Router to get all the benefits of Express VPN.

Express vpn
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