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UPDATE:  Due to circumstances beyond our control the Guardian Security App and Guardian Security App Routers are officially discontinued for sale as of mid March 2024. This is due to the VPN providers ending legacy access methods to their services. While the App will continue to exist in its legacy form for a short period of time, no new server updates or software repairs will be made. Guardian Security App Routers can be re-configured to connect to a VPN via manual setup methods ie. hard coding OpenVPN, Wireguard, or installing Express VPN firmware..etc. Some of these upgrades can be performed remotely. Please contact us for detail.


Please bear in mind, the Guardian Security App Routers use OpenVPN protocol which would max out at around 100Mbps (network, VPN Provider, model dependent), the new generation of Wireguard protocol WiFi 6 VPN Routers are capable of up to 900Mbps.

Wireguard Protocol on a Router is currently supported by Zoog and Surfshark VPN. Some of the more well known VPN providers such as Nord, IPVanish, privateinternetaccess and Express do not support Router installation of Wireguard!

We estimate the service to end completely circa May 2024.

Our new range of next generation WiFi6 VPN routers includes dedicated routers for all the major VPN providers including Zoog, Nord, IPVanish, Ivacy, PrivateInternetAccess, Surfshark and Express with more on the way....

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