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How do I connect my Guardian VPN Router to the Internet?


Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will install a WiFi Modem / Router combo into your property when you subscribe to their service. This is often referred to as an ISP Hub. It will be 'locked down', have limited features and, essentially, will not run a VPN. If you do not have an ISP contact us for 4G LTE options.

Dual Router Setup

With the addition of a Guardian Router, and incorporating a dual router setup, you can address limitations in your current ISP Hub such as restricted features, unlimited ads and wireless range.


By adding a Guardian Router you create a completely separate wireless / LAN network with advanced capabilities like VPN connectivity, bandwidth monitoring, ad-blocking and access restrictions. This will greatly improve the overall performance and security of your network.


Connecting your Guardian Router to your ISP Hub

The setup is easy, simply plug a spare LAN (Ethernet Port) on your ISP Hub into the WAN (Internet Port) on your Guardian Router and turn it on. Then connect the devices you want to protect with the VPN to the Guardian Router via WiFi or Ethernet Cable. You will be set up and running in five minutes, no complex manual configuration and no changes to your ISP Hub are needed.

Guardian VPN Router Network Connection

With the Guardian Routers dual router setup, you will enjoy the benefits of a VPN network, it will protect all devices on your network without the need to install VPN apps on individual devices, and provide advanced configuration options without having to change any settings on your existing ISP Hub. This means you can have both your regular network connection through your ISP network, and a VPN network on the Guardian Router running simultaneously. This setup allows you to choose between an anonymous VPN connection in a virtual location or your unprotected ISP connection on any device. It offers flexibility and enhanced privacy for your online activities.


You Guardian Router will arrive with full colour instructions and a free support package just in case you need help getting setup and running

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