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Exclusive Guardian Express VPN Deals

Bypass ISP blocking and traffic shaping

ExpressVPN removes caps and blocks set by your internet service provider. It creates a 2​56-bit encrypted SSL­-secured tunnel between you and the internet. Your ISP can’t see what streaming and download services you’re using, so it can’t block or limit your speeds or bandwidth. Your web activity is private. Your searches are private. And your downloads and streams are private


No activity logs and no connection logs

ExpressVPN thinks privacy is a fundamental right and does not keep activity or connection logs. The use of shared IP addresses means whatever you do can’t be traced back to you, either. So when you go online with ExpressVPN, your privacy is assured.

With the ExpressVPN network, there’s n​o need to worry about records of your online activity​ being shared with a third party—ExpressVPN doesn’t keep any.

Be Smart, Protect ALL Of Your Devices With A Guardian ExpressVPN Router

A Guardian Security App Router will protect ALL connected devices, gives you full control over your network and only counts as one connection to your VPN provider

Most reliable ultra-fast VPN

Unlimited bandwidth is great. But ​you also need super­fast download rates​​ to make the most of it. ExpressVPN constantly optimizes its network to bring you blazing speeds. That way you can download freely and quickly.


Download all you want

Your VPN should give you freedom to use the internet as it was meant to be—without limits or walls. ExpressVPN enables you to download and access whatever you want, whenever you want it.

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