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The Guardian Security Router App Explained

We get many questions about the Guardian Security App. The most common questions include how it works, what features is has, which providers and servers are supported and can it be installed on any router.

Why do I need the Guardian Security App?

Running a VPN on your Router protects all of your devices. This gets round the 'you can only install the VPN on 5 devices' rule implemented by most of the VPN providers. The Router is seen as just one device. This means you can connect any number of your devices to your Router and they will all use the VPN, including PC, laptop, phone, IPTV etc and it only counts as one connection!

Setting up a VPN on your router securely can be very difficult. You need to import certificates, keys, protocols and implement a whole host of other settings to get it to work. Then, if you want to have a 'Kill Switch', implement 'Policy Based Routing' or force certain website destinations to bypass the VPN you have another whole loads of settings and scripts to set up. Many people spend hours trying to set this all up so they are secure only to find the VPN just will not connect or, if it does, the DNS leaks leaving them exposed. Many more just give up. If you do manage to get it set up you need to edit the code each time you want to change server address - not ideal..

The Guardian Security App is mobile friendly enabling you to control your network and quickly switch VPN servers from your phone or tablet as well as from you PC or laptop.

What is the Guardian Security App?

The Guardian Security App is a advanced add-on App extension that can be installed on certain DD-WRT firmware Routers. It can be accessed from any phone, tablet or PC and allows total control over the router, VPN and network. The Guardian Security App is pre-loaded with all the required VPN configuration files from the top 30 VPN providers making it simple to connect and use your VPN. There is no complicated router configurations, importing of certs and keys or edits to set up the VPN or change server address - just select your VPN provider and server location from the list, enter your VPN username and password and click connect - it really is that simple!

So what does the Guardian Security App do?

It takes away ALL of the grief. There is no setting up to do. The Guardian Security App automatically imports all of the certificates, keys and settings required to connect you VPN so you don't have to.

If you want to implement advanced features such as 'Kill Switch', 'Policy Based Routing' or 'Whitelist' some websites, so you bypass the VPN when you visit them, just enable these features at the click of a button. The Guardian Security App makes everything simple.

Which VPN Providers does the Guardian Security App Support?

It supports all of the major VPN Providers with more being added all the time. Current Providers are: AirVPN blackbox CyberGhost ExpressVPN GigaNews HideMe HMA IPVanish Ivacy IVPN LeVPN LiquidVPN Nord PrivateInternetAccess PrivateVPN ProtonVPN PureVPN SaferVPN SmartDNSProxy SurfShark TorGuard UnblockVPN VanishedVPN VPNArea VPNSecure VPNUnlimited

VyprVPN Windscribe

What advanced features does the Guardian Security App have?

  • Mobile Friendly - control your network and quickly switch VPN servers from your phone or tablet

  • Easy VPN provider selection - If you have VPN accounts with multiple providers you can switch between them at the click of a button

  • Easy VPN Server Location selection - Switching servers is as simple as selecting a different server from the list and re-connected your VPN

  • 30 VPN Providers - pre-installed with all the major VPN providers certificates, keys and settings

  • 1000's of Server Locations - Server locations from around the World from all the major VPN providers pre-installed and ready for you to connect to

  • Auto Connect VPN - The VPN will automatically connect if you restart your router

  • Policy Based Routing - Select any device on your network and allow it to bypass the VPN or force it to use the VPN for all internet traffic. Block Internet access to selected devices if the VPN drops

  • Global Kill Switch - Block ALL Internet access on ALL devices if the VPN drops

  • Website Filtering - Allow direct, non VPN access to selected websites (for example you could add your banking website so when any devices on your network goes to your banking website it bypasses the VPN)

  • Logging - keeps a log of the status of your VPN

  • Router Local IP Address - Change the Local IP Address of your Router

  • Change DNS servers - Change your DNS servers directly

  • WiFi Settings - Change your wireless SSID's and passwords

  • Change Router username and password - Change user details required to access your Router

  • Auto Updates - The Guardian Security App automatically updates as new features, providers and servers come on-line

Watch the Guardian Security App in action!

Connecting and switching servers

Policy Based Routing

Which Routers can the Guardian Security App be installed on?

Please note DD-WRT version r40000 or above MUST be installed on the Router. DD-WRT upgrades are available here: DD-WRT Upgrades

The current list of supported routers is:


R6220, R6260, R6250, R6300v2, R6400v2 , R6700, R7000, R7000P, R7800, R8000, R9000, XR500, XR700


WRT1200AC, WRT1900ACv1, WRT1900ACv2, WRT1900ACS, WRT1900ACSv2, WRT3200ACM, WRT32X


RT-AC56U, RT-AC87U, RT-AC88U, RT-AC5300, RT-N16

My Router is on the list of supported routers, where can I purchase the Guardian Security App?

The Guardian Security App is available to purchase in our web store here: Purchase Guardian Security App

Limited Time Offer - Use Promo code INEEDTHEAPP and save 15% on the Guardian Security App until the end of April!

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