Linksys WRT32X 'DIY' dd-wrt Firmware Upgrade

digital download firmware and install instructions


  • Do you have a Linksys WRT32X router you want to upgrade with ddwrt firmware so you can install a VPN?
  • Are you to worried you will damage or 'brick' your router?
  • Not sure what files you need?
  • Have you spent hours struggling to get ddwrt installed on your router?


Let us help remove some of the risk for you.

You will receive our installation pdf, with full colour step by step instructions and the correct firmware image for your router. Our installation guide takes you through the whole process from preparation and installation to getting your upgraded router onto the internet.


Upon purchase you will have instant access to download our installation zip file as well as the download link directly emailed to you.



WRT32X DD-WRT Firmware Upgrade

SKU: wrt32x-ddwrt-up
  • Instant access upon purchase


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