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Ivacy Brings In A ‘Guardian’ Aboard

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

Do you know how convenient it would be if you were to configure your router with a VPN instead of separately configuring VPN service on each device? “Hell Yes”! We thought so too, hence why Ivacy proudly announces its partnership with Guardian Routers.

Guardian Routers serves as a benchmark in the domain of DDWRT routers all over the world. What is DDWRT? Simply put, it is an improved Firmware version of your everyday wireless Internet routers (OEM firmware) which unlocks a multitude of additional features.

DDWRT aims to make your internet and home networks more secure and reliable. Coupled with Ivacy VPN, your level of internet safety and security will strengthen.

What Does It Mean For Our Users?

Keeping with the traditions, Ivacy yet again partners up with next-gen tech. This time around, it’s Guardian Routers. The latter pack support for L2TP, PPTP and OpenVPN protocols which makes it a suitable combination with Ivacy VPN.

Ivacy does not believe in re-engineering the craft rather it simplifies lives by bringing on board services that can prove to be of value for its clientele and compliments Ivacy as a complete security solution.

In Ivacy We Trust

That is not oversimplifying. Ivacy has been at the centre of every event. Be it as a streaming companion for FIFA World Cup 2018, securing a partnership with Sticky Password, introducing the world to Split Tunnelling, sporting secure shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday, offering Free Trial or the launch of NAT Firewall and Dedicated IP addons – Ivacy has done it all!

So to avail Guardian Security App DD-WRT VPN Routers bundled with any of the ‘fastest’ VPN’s plans, visit Guardian Routers website here. To directly opt for a plan of your choice, click the banner below.

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