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Guardian Security App Routers

Guardian Security App Routers are a range of powerful wireless routers hand selected from the top manufactures for their build quality and hardware specifications. We only select the best, most powerful routers across a wide budget range to become Guardian Security App Routers. We then upgrade them with DD-WRT firmware to further enhance their features, speed and WiFi capabilities and finally we install the Guardian Security App. The Guardian Security App works just like an app for Android, Windows or iOs except it’s located on the router. It can be accessed from your phone, tablet, PC or Laptop. The fact it is installed on the router negates the need to download and install apps on your devices. There are no separate apps to install.


So firsts lets explain the massive advantages of running DD-WRT firmware over any of the 'stock' firmware from the major manufactures like Netgear, Linksys and Asus 

Benefits of DDWRT

  • DDWRT fully supports many types of VPN including PPTP and OpenVPN. 

  • IPv6 support. With IPv4 addresses becoming increasingly scarce, you’ll appreciate DDWRT’s built-in IPv6 support

  • Advanced QOS controls allow preference for your most critical devices

  • A highly configurable and very powerful firewall that is based on iptables firewall construction as well as SPI and NAT firewalls to keep your network secure at all times

  • DNS controls such as DNSmasq, which allows simplified DNS configuration behind the firewall and makes host-name lookup faster. You also get support for DNS providers such as No-IP, TZo, DynDNS and many others

  • Easy access to multiple source access-control solutions such as WiFiDog, HotSpot System, ChilliSpot and others.

Features Of DD-WRT

  • OpenVPN client and server

  • PPTP client

  • WiFi power tweaking

  • Stability of running a Linux-based, non-proprietary firmware.

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network) passthrough capabilities.

  • Advanced Qos (Quality of Service) controls for bandwidth allocation to your various Network connections.

  • Adjustable antenna power to increase your wireless spectrum.

  • WDS wireless bridging/repeating protocol AKA the "Repeater Bridge" mode, which allows you to easily expand your network using a second wireless router.

  • Cycle your router from the Administration settings

  • Built-in DNS (Domain Name System) caching - speeds up your connection to an array of sites

  • Viewable performance graphs and statistics to watch your network performance and measure your bandwidth levels.

  • VLAN (Virtual Local Area Network) Support

  • A functional DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) server

  • Create unique SSIDs (service set identifiers) when using multiple routers.

  • NAT (Network Address Translation) support


The Guardian Security App

The Guardian Security App is a advanced add-on App extension that we install on the DD-WRT firmware. It can be accessed from any phone, tablet or PC and allows total control over the router, VPN and network. The Guardian Security App is pre-loaded with all the required VPN configuration files from the top 30 VPN providers making it simple to connect and use your VPN. There is no complicated router configurations, importing of certs and keys or edits to set up the VPN or change server address - just select your VPN provider and server location from the list, enter your VPN username and password and click connect - it really is that simple!

*The Guardian Security App is loaded with all the below providers!

Guardian Security App Additional Features 

The Guardian Security App is loaded with other great features that would take hours to program yourself. These include Auto Connect VPN, Policy Based Routing, Policy Based Kill Switch, Global Kill Switch, Website Filtering as well as direct access to to update your Router Login, Router IP, WiFi SSID and DNS Servers; You can control, protect and secure your complete network all through the Guardian Security App and even connect directly to our online support if you have connection issues. 

  • Auto Connect VPN - The VPN will automatically connect if you restart your router

  • Policy Based Routing - Select any device on your network and allow it to bypass the VPN or force it to use the VPN for all internet traffic

  • Policy Based Kill Switch - Block Internet access to selected devices if the VPN drops

  • Global Kill Switch - Block ALL Internet access on ALL devices if the VPN drops

  • Website Filtering - Allow direct, non VPN access to selected websites (for example you could add your banking website so when any device on your network goes to your banking website it bypasses the VPN)

  • *Note; VPN providers and server locations are subject to change at any time without notice. Guardian Security app is only compatible with specific Routers running DD-WRT versions r43000 > r48000. Contact us for more details.


The Guardian Security App has it all - Buy Once~Buy a Guardian

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