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"Stay Connected and Secure with the new Fulcrum VPN Router: Get Numerous Worldwide Server location Access at Your Fingertips!"

Introducing the 'Fulcrum VPN Router'

Your home network security starts at your Router. In an age where privacy and security are paramount, and data becomes the new currency, finding a secure, fast, reliable solution to protect your online accounts and activities across your whole network is crucial. The Fulcrum is powered by dual-band AX1800 MU-MIMO Wi-Fi 6 delivering up to 1,200 Mbps* of fast, stable Wi-Fi and up to 1,600 sq. ft. (150 sq. m)* of whole-home coverage, Fulcrum can support dozens of devices so everyone gets the performance they need allowing you to stream in 4K HD on multiple screens, play your favourite online games and stream your IPTV. With numerous selectable Wireguard VPN server locations pre-loaded you stay completely anonymous and protected.

Why Wireguard?

WireGuard is an extremely fast yet secure VPN Protocol that operates in under 4,000 lines of code compared to OpenVPN’s 100,000. The shorter code base provides better speeds and performance and a low attack surface. In the past, most VPN Routers used OpenVPN protocol and had to decode up to 100,000 lines. This made for a noticeable loss of VPN speed and, to gain best speeds, a Router with a high spec CPU was required. The Fulcrum uses a stonking Quad-core @1.2 GHz CPU and munchies through the Wireguard code (just 4000 lines) in no time making it up 10x faster than OpenVPN

What are the other features of Fulcrum ?

  • Mass Device Connectivity MU-MIMO Technology The Fulcrum processes multiple data streams from client devices simultaneously, instead of queuing network traffic into one data stream, hence, reducing the queuing delay in high density networks.

  • Multi-device Transmission Efficiency OFDMA Technology OFDMA technology (orthogonal frequency division multiple access) enables the Fulcrum to receive data from a single transmission, drastically improving the transmission efficiency when connected to multiple network devices.

  • WiFi Stability using BSS Colouring Using Base Service Station Colouring (BSS Colouring), the Fulcrum measures surrounding operating Wi-Fi channel thresholds and automatically selects a channel with minimal usage for connectivity. BSS Colouring improves the connection stability by minimizing the router's risk of potentially picking up signal interference.

  • AdGuard The Fulcrum has AdGuard built in, just enable it to stop ads and services at Router level!

  • VPN Subscription No VPN subscription required! No hidden costs! The Fulcrum comes with 12 Months Wireguard VPN pre-installed Free. You can choose to purchase with 24 or 48 months - see website for details.

Fulcrum Specifications:

✔ UK and EU power Supply

✔ Works Worldwide on any Cable, Fibre DSL or ADSL network

✔ WiFi 6

✔ IPV6

✔ WPA3

✔ Multi-User MIMO

✔ Gigabit Ethernet

✔ VPN Client/ Server

✔ AdGuard Home

✔ CPU: Quad-core Arm Processor @1.2GHz

✔ 1.5GHz NPU (Networking Processing Unit)

✔ Memory: DDR3L 512MB

✔ Storage: NAND-FLASH 128MB

✔ Ethernet Ports: 4 x 10/100/1000M

✔ WiFi Speed: 600Mbps (2.4GHz), 1200Mbps(5GHz)

✔ Multi-User MIMO

✔ Interfaces: 1 x WAN Ethernet port, 4 x LAN Ethernet port, 1 x USB 3.0 (Type-A),

✔ Antennas: 4 x External Antennas

✔ Wi-Fi Protocol: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac/ax

The Fulcrum is on offer with 20% off for a limited time only - No code required!

Summing Up

The 'Fulcrum' AX18 is a fast, secure, WiFi6 WireGuard VPN Router giving you complete control over your gaming, steaming and working bandwidth. We have tested this at speeds over 500Mbps. Your speed may differ depending on internet service provider, network environment, VPN server location, protocol, etc. The AX18 is designed to be the safest Wi-Fi solution for your home. With its pre-installed AdGuard Home, it provides users with a smooth networking experience without being interrupted by repetitive ads and online trackers. Comes with 5 gigabit ports, you can enjoy better 4K video streaming, gaming, and video chatting with your friends and families