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  • UK Investigatory Powers Act 2016

    UK Investigatory Powers Act 2016

    Your internet history is bare thanks to the new Investigatory Powers Act 2016

  • Secure Virtual Private Network

    Secure Virtual Private Network

    Protection the transmission of data for a more secure Internet connection

  • Routers with added functionality and security

    Routers with added functionality and security

    Using a DD-WRT Router add better fuctionality and security to your Internet connection

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Every time you access the Internet you are exposing your connection to possible interception, hacking and fraudulent use.

Although not widely publicised there are measures you can take to protect your Internet activity, legally. The House of Lords has recently passed a bill allowing the Government to force ISP's to hack into Internet services sold by them so that the data transmitted can be analyzed despite fierce objections from the ISP companies.

The most controversial part of the bill is that ISP's are required to keep detailed information on customers browsing for the past 12 months, leading to fears that there is huge potential for this information to be hacked, stolen or leaked.

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